When you see patients, take these 3 easy steps to help them become tobacco free. It takes less than 3 minutes to:

  • Ask every patient about tobacco use at every visit.
  • Advise every tobacco user to quit. Use a clear, strong, and personalized message about the benefits of quitting.
  • Connect patients who want to change their tobacco use to the Quitline. We work with patients at any step of their quit journey. When providers make the connection, patients are 3-11 times more likely to enroll in the program.

The Quitline uses clinically proven methods to achieve some of the highest quit rates in the country.

Learn more about Ask, Advise, Refer and the Hawai‘i Tobacco Quitline

We have created a series of brief videos (less than 3 minutes each) to learn more about treating commercial tobacco use and how our program can help.

What the Program Offers

Participants can enroll in the Quitline online or by telephone. Once enrolled, they will gain access to these program offerings:
  • Phone-based coaching support and additional support via email, text, or chat. Participants work with trained coaches to prepare a quit plan, set a quit date, identify tobacco triggers, manage cravings, and address relapses. Our standard program includes up to 5 proactive coaching sessions with unlimited inbound contacts. Coaches are available 7 days a week.
  • Full pharmacotherapy program including nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and education.
  • Planning and educational materials, either through our website or on paper, to help participants map out their road to quitting tobacco.
  • Membership in an online community with others who have or are working to become tobacco free.

Customized Hawai‘i Tobacco Quitline Programs

Participants can select components of the Quitline program to create a personalized experience. We always encourage nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and coaching. Research shows combining NRT and coaching produces the best chances of quitting.
Learn more about the Quitline programs.

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